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What is gummy smile?

It is called gummy smile or gum smile when the patient at the time of smiling shows an excessive amount of gingiva, taking away from a pleasant smile.

gummy smile causes

This can occur for various reasons. Below we will mention the three most common ones:

1. The first cause is when the teeth are partially hidden in the gum making them appear shorter and showing more gum when smiling; This is due to problems when teeth erupt or erupt and is called passive altered eruption.

2. Excessive growth of the upper jaw.

The teeth are their normal size but the bone (upper jaw) has grown more than normal, this causes the patient to show more gum than normal.

3. The third most common cause is when we have a short lip and the levator lip muscles are very active.

Many times there are combinations of these causes.

The gummy smile has a negative effect on the aesthetics of your smile. The good news is that there are several options to correct the gummy smile or gummy smile.

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