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Gingival Recessions

A gingival recession is when the gum migrates exposing part of the tooth’s root, making it appear longer and unhealthy. It can be localized to one tooth in a group of teeth or it can spread throughout the mouth, making the patient sensitive to eating cold foods and making them more susceptible to cavities. On […]

Gummy Smile

It is called gummy smile or gum smile when the patient at the time of smiling shows an excessive amount of gingiva, taking away from a pleasant smile. This can occur for various reasons. Below we will mention the three most common ones: 1. The first cause is when the teeth are partially hidden in […]

Gummy Smile Cases

We like that each client is a success story. We want to help you correct any dental problem, from the aesthetic to the functional. That is why we show you the cases of patients satisfied by the services of Dr. Mario Chalhoub. It creates an aesthetic problem for us. Move the pointer over the image […]

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